Bucherer Polo Trophy

Bucherer Polo Trophy – Munich
6th – 8th May 2011
Medium Goal – 6 Goal

The setting of the Bucherer Polo Trophy is above all impressive due to the unique ambiance of the lower Alpine region: in close proximity to the Tegernsee and directly in front of the gates of Munich, the full-size polo pitch lies among guest-houses in a picturesque setting of mountains and woodland.

Swiss company Bucherer began sponsoring the sport of kings in 2010 and is broadening its commitment to the sport this year. To kick off the German Polo Tour, European and international polo masters will meet in May in the lower Alpine region. Pace, elegance and a high element of competitiveness will be on show as veterans of the sport will compete for the Bucherer Polo Trophy to accumulate points in the German Polo Tour.

A trade village consisting of many traditional and modern exhibitions will also be on site. As well as cars, textiles, hats, jewellery, exclusive living and garden products, many products and gifts surrounding the sport of polo are also on offer. Spectators sometimes come dressed up and the elegantly decorated team of horses from the HackerPschorr Brewery provide entertainment for young and old.

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