The agency Pegasus Event Marketing GmbH was founded by Christopher Kirsch in January 2001 in Hamburg. Consisting of a team of event managers and PR advisers, Pegasus creates and facilitates the relations between customers, the media and the public.

Pegasus offers your company an exceptional platform from which you are able to achieve a closer relationship with your customers and efficiently present yourself to the public. The conceptual design and bringing to life of events and public relations, as well as the promotion of selected artists are tasks we master on a daily basis.

Thanks to Christopher Kirsch’s personal contacts, established over several years, Pegasus has access to an extensive media network in the fields of economy, culture, show industry and the polo and riding circles. Our team of six comprises of one event manager, two PR advisers and two project managers. We work closely with other companies in order to ensure as smooth and complete an event as possible (please see references).

This cooperation has enabled us, for years, to optimize the conversion of our concept of a complete and all-round service for our customers.

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