Berenberg Polo Trophy

Berenberg Polo Trophy 2011
26. to 28. August 2011
Poloplatz Oberursel / Oberstedten

Polo – the – Sport of Kings- is also coming to Oberursel.

Leading international polo players will be present at the opening of the Berenberg Polo Derby in Bad Homburg from the 26th to the 28th of August.

For the first time in the Rhein-Main region, Germany- s oldest private bank will host the Berenberg Polo Derby in front of Frankfurt- s city gates. Speed, finesse and a high competitive spirit will be on show as Germany- s best polo players as well as numerous polo veterans come together for the competition.

The sport of polo being greatly influenced by several generations of argentine players will not fail to impress the crowds. Argentine ball-artists will be present as the teams sponsored by Berenberg, BMW, El Polista and Lanson meet on the brand new field to fight for the title.

Not only be the players and horses will partake in the tournament but spectators will also be called upon during breaks in the game to – tread in- the divots created by the galloping hooves and polo sticks.

The qualifiers take place in Friday the 26th of August, the final rounds then kicking off on Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5pm.

The newly-formed polo field is situated on the Niederstedter Straße.


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