Berenberg Polo Derby

Berenberg Polo Derby 2011
27. – 29. May 2011
Hamburg Polo Club
High Goal Tournament – 10 Goal

It has become a tradition for Berenberg, Germany’ s oldest bank established in 1590, to host the Berenberg Polo Trophy at the start of the season in Klein Flottbeck. This year the tournament will be played in high-goal conditions, the highest level of polo in Germany.

Strengthened by a few Argentine professionals, the polo masters will compete for this silver trophy, established over a hundred years ago. Spectators will enjoy relaxing sport and action-packed play. The atmosphere has a little British influence, much enjoyed by the Hamburg locals. This is perhaps also the reason why north Germany is this country’ s stronghold since it was the Brittish that brought the game to Europe. T

he first polo matches on the European continent took place at the Hamburger Polo Club. Enthusiasts of the sport of Kings are invited to attend this event at the start of the season, on the 28th and 29th of May, which offers blend of exclusivity and family entertainment.

The central point of the Hamburger Polo Club, Klein Flottek, allows for an easy journey since public transport is readily available and leads directly to the venue.

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