2009 Berenberg High Goal Cup

Berenberg High Goal Cup 2009
From 14th until 16th August 2009
at the Düsseldorf Polo & Country Club

The beautiful grounds of the Düsseldorfer Reit- & Polo-Club e.V. have been situated outside the city gates of Dusseldorf since 1973. The games are played on two full-size polo fields- a rarity in Germany. The oldest private bank invites you to attend the Berenberg High Goal Cup for the third time in August 2009. Again, extraordinary polo players, as well as their horses and grooms are expected to arrive from across Europe and Argentina in order to fight for the donated silver trophy. An event like the Berenberg High Goal Cup- Germany- s highest endowed polo tournament in 2008- suits the sportive city of Dusseldorf perfectly.
The fantastic audience feedback in the previous two years has confirmed our decision. We believe that it is possible to extend the tournament further thanks to the regional capital Düsseldorf- s support. Polo is a sport which developed at an incredible rate over the last few years and which can be expected to boom further. The – divot stamping- at half-time is a highlight for many children, as well as older polo fans. The pieces of grass which were torn out by the hooves and mallets are trodden in during the break. The Berenberg high Goal Cup the greatest highlights on the European polo scene- an exceptional celebration for the entire family with heaps of fun, entertainment, action and music.

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