2008 Rolex European Championship

Rolex European Championship 2008
4th – 14th September 2008
Polo Club Schleswig-Holstein
Gut Aspern
Rosenstr. 3
25355 Groß Offenseth-Aspern

Gut Aspern, the estate which is home to the polo club Schleswig-Holstein, will be hosting the Rolex European Polo Championship 2008. Gut Aspern was established in the 16th century. It was bought by Christopher Kirsch in 2005 and soon became an established centre for the sport of polo. The estate has since been subject to a number of renovations and reconstructions, creating a purpose-built centre for this equestrian sport, without losing the charm of the original estate. The two full size polo fields are a rarity in Germany and cause for excitement amongst many players.

The countryside flair appeals to more than just the club members. International polo players from Argentina, the UK and Spain have been attracted by the extraordinary ambiance surrounding Gut Aspern. Their expertise and skill have come in useful at the associated polo academy. Here, everyone and anyone gets a chance to experience the sport of polo and profit from the experts‘ experience and tips and tricks. In August 2007 the Sport Bar opened on Gut Aspern, where theoretical lessons are held and where beginners, professionals and guests are brought closer together.



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